July 24, 2024

Mallorca: A classic road bike tour to Lluc Monastery

Today one of the many classic Road Bike Tour to Lluc Monastery on Mallorca.
From Playa de Muro to Selva and via Caimari up to the gas station (EVERYONE knows it). Then to the café at Lluc Monastery and via Pollenca back to Playa de Muro.
All of this, as far as possible, on quiet back roads. Here we learn about road bike tour to Lluc Monastery


We set off in pairs. Our destination was Lluc Monastery and we wanted to go back to Playa de Muro via Pollenca. We knew this part of the route very well.
For the road bike tour to Lluc Monastery, we pitted two bike computers against each other. We then decided one way or the other along the way. I think you can still see that in some places on the track.

The Tour

We started at Playa de Muro and rolled in a slight zigzag to Muro. From Muro, we continued on back roads to Sineu and from there via Llubi to Inca. We meandered through the Inca and soon only had the short stretch from Selma to Caimari to complete before heading into the mountains.

From Caimari the road climbs continuously.
It goes up 400 meters in altitude over about 8 km to the most famous gas station on Mallorca on the saddle before the descent to the Lluc monastery. Shortly after the gas station, you can continue to the sea at Sa Calobra. But then you have to ride the entire climb back uphill on the way back. Or you can do what we did, roll leisurely to the monastery, drink a coffee, and eat a piece of cake.

Once you’ve had your fill, you can ride up a few more waves before setting off on the seemingly endless descent to Pollenca. On the way down, you can sometimes look out towards the sea through one or two gaps.

In Pollenca, we skipped another coffee and continued driving downhill towards the coast.
We passed through Alcudia and were back at our hotel in Playa de Muro relatively quickly.