July 24, 2024

Car Window Tinting That is Gangsta

Auto window tinting is one of those love-it-or-hate-it things that you have done to your car. I guess it depends on how you feel about it where you live on Long Island. I have to say I was pleasantly pleased with the outcome of the job, plus I got a really good price. I remember growing up and looking at people who had their cars tinted, with a special set of life’s lenses.

Auto glass tinting

Auto glass tinting, I thought was for the drug dealers and the super-rich. I came from a middle-income family and I thought they everyone who made less than my dad was a drug dealer and everyone who made more was rich. I guess this view came into being with all of the movies I watched growing up. Miami Vice, Dallas, etc. They had me develop my worldview or more accurately, the view I had of people I had while living out my childhood here on Long Island. I was thinking of having a mobile window tinting service tint my car, but I could not get it out of my mind that that is what the drug dealers did. I know what you are saying. “Roger, you need to lighten up”. I know. I watch too much TV.

Auto Window Tinting Guide

Listen, it took a while for me to save my nickels for my 2016 Lexus IS. When a person worked has worked as hard as I have to get what I have today, then you can tell me that I am silly when dealing with getting my cool auto window tinting. So I brought it to the shop and the owner explained to me the process. They could use pre-cut tint or custom-cut it to my car’s specifications and keep it at a reasonable cost. They also explained to me the window tinting laws here in Long Island NY. They would not apply any type of car tinting that would violate local laws. That was a good thing. I don’t like giving any more money than I need to the government.

Expert Auto Tinting

I saw how they meticulously cleaned all of the glass on my kick-ass car. I was like “Wow, if your auto tinting business ever went under, you guys can do detailing!” I knew that they cleaned the heck out of the windows so the tint would lay perfectly and not bubble up. You constantly hear of the horror stories of poorly applied window tint just so the company can keep the costs down. I told them I wanted to front passenger sides a little lighter than the back seat windows. The owner did not think that was necessary and convinced me to go with a slightly lighter tint all around for the car’s windows so that I could maintain a symmetrical look.

I love my metallic silver car so I said fine. So the technicians began to work methodically to apply the film which I paid quite a price for. As they completed the front windows I knew that even though I thought the car window tinting prices that were given to me were a little high, by looking at the work I thought it was well worth the additional cost. So the technicians then moved to my rear passenger windows, and I started to appreciate their mastery of their auto window tinting craft.

They continued the methodical pace of their auto-tinting craft. With the finality of the rear windshield being done, I was glad that my car had become gangsta.