July 24, 2024

Save Money on Car Insurance

I wanted to change car insurance carriers, so I was put in charge of this test. First, I did a ton of research on the subject to find out which discount car insurance site that was the most trustworthy and ultimately would be best suited for my test. The way these discount insurance sites supposedly work is that you fill out a form to request an insurance quote and the site decides which quote to send you, and only sends you one. Even though there may be up to 10 different quotes from competing carriers that are lower than the one given to you.

Hidden Insurance Quotes

The reason why they do this is because they need to rotate quotes from the various companies. They work to maintain a consistent amount of quotes from each company. However, by doing it this way, you the consumer aren’t getting the full benefit of all the quotes and possible discounts you’re entitled to. You could be overpaying just because you weren’t presented with the quotes from all providers. Many of them being lower than the one you were given. It’s a sad practice and one that has gone overlooked too often.

AutomotiveTips.net works differently. All you need to do is visit their site and enter your Zip-Code on the main page and you are presented with a list of car insurance providers with discounted prices already available before you even get a quote.  You then click on any one of the carriers’ links that works best for you and proceed with the quote process. Already knowing what discounts they have available. They also give now discounted rates for drivers located in California.

Empowering Car Insurance Savings

This created an ideal situation for me, giving me all my options beforehand and knowing what the differences are between the carriers and exactly how much I can save going through one carrier versus another.  I was able to know How much I could save before even getting the quote…incredible! This site allows YOU to drastically save on your car insurance by allowing YOU to control your savings. Who doesn’t want to save 50% and pay only $9 a week? We’ve heard from several satisfied people in the last few days who managed to save significant amounts by getting a quote from AutomotiveTips.net.

Wondering How AutomotiveTips.net Can Provide Such Deals?

AutomotiveTips.net works opposite from all other companies and doesn’t yield a profit from any specific quote you receive. Rather, they work off of the collective number of quotes they bring in…regardless of who you choose. This way, they are not biased in which quotes are presented to you.


After hours and hours of research, I concluded that AutomotiveTips.net was the best because of its wide variety of car insurance coverage, best prices, and reputation.